Signs of Drainage Issues You Should Not Ignore

Telltale signs of drainage problems that could spell trouble for your home’s foundation often appear following  storms. But what if the rainstorm is light — yet it takes longer than usual for puddles to disappear? If you need to put down walking bridges in certain spots throughout your yard or if you identify wet spots in the home, it’s more obvious your home’s drainage system is not properly draining rainwater away from the home’s foundation. Water build-up over time causes a foundation to become unstable – which takes a toll on your investment. It’s important to reach out to a foundation repair expert early on even if you recently bought a new construction house.

Signs of Drainage Issues You Should Not Ignore

Clogged gutters

Maintain your gutters by removing dead leaves and your child’s lost baseball can help. Some homeowners observe gutters overflowing during a storm – which is a sign of a problem. Less obvious signs of clogged gutters include mud splattering on the home, peeling paint and streaks. Maybe the downspouts are not pointed in the right direction or maybe it’s time for a thorough spring cleaning with accompanied foundation inspections.

Out-of-control pests

Mosquitoes are attracted to standing water. If you notice mosquitoes becoming a nuisance, look for puddles that serve as a breeding ground for insects. Mosquitoes make it difficult to enjoy an outdoor kitchen or backyard patio. But even more troubling is the fact that standing water or puddles could spell foundation problems not only for the main house but for the patio and accessory outdoor living features such as gazebos and pergolas.

Cracks in the garage and driveway

While everyone checks their home for cracks, they sometimes ignore the garage and driveway. Of course, some minor cracks in the foundation are part of the settling process of a house. Before having a driveway repaved to address drainage issues, talk to a foundation repair specialist. Drainage repair experts evaluate the entire picture to make sure rainwater moves away from the home and out of the driveway so water doesn’t get beneath the foundation of the garage and crack.

At Steady House Foundation Repair, we provide foundation repair services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. From simple jobs to complex problems that require specialty foundation repair work, we are here to assist homeowners and landlords by properly diagnosing and resolving foundation flaws. For more information about what to do if you notice drainage issues that need correction, please contact us today.