Drainage Correction


The quality of your home’s foundation defines its overall condition. If the foundation is damaged, then the entire state of the residential property is in trouble. That’s why it is crucial that a keen eye be kept on what is going on underneath your home, and the drainage system that you have in place is a huge part of that necessary upkeep.

Steady House Foundation Repair works with each of our customers across the DFW area to fix what is broken and, more importantly, to help detect what is in trouble before it becomes broken. The earlier you detect an issue, the more money that you save yourself in the end. Bigger problems are bigger hits to your time and pocketbook, and we know that all of the homeowners out there are looking to minimize their problems rather than exacerbate them.

Drainage is the Heart of the Matter

The heart of the issue when it comes to foundational problems almost always revolves around the operation of the drainage system that is currently in place. It is very important to keep water draining away from your home’s foundation because poor drainage creates the potential for water being trapped under the house. This water buildup can then cause basements to be flooded and the overall foundation to become unstable.

One of the key factors that affect appropriate drainage is the slope of driveways and patios. The correct amount of sloping applied to these pieces of your home allows water to drain in the opposite direction of your home and protect it from excessive water deposits. Depending on the type of earth beneath your home, the expansion that occurs after it rains can be very detrimental to your home’s foundation when the soil dries. If you live in an area that has any type of expansive clay soil, then you must work extra hard to ensure that there is a consistent process of saturation so that all of the expansion and contraction doesn’t wreak total havoc on your foundation.

Protect Your Home and Don’t Delay

When you first start spotting any sign of foundation problems or drainage issues, it is important to call us at Steady House Foundation Repair right away. If you have just purchased a piece of property and are not sure how the foundation and drainage system is set up, then we are here to answer your questions and provide insight on how to best protect this new investment of yours. Our foundation experts have a wealth of experience in working with homes and foundations that range from simple to complex, from very old homes to brand new construction. We make it our business to remain educated on all of the different types of soil across the DFW area, and we can help you understand what is scientifically going on under your home each time a thunderstorm blows through.

Call us today at 214.886.6857, and we will be quick to come and investigate just exactly what is going wrong with your drainage system around your home’s foundation. The value of your home depends on the operation of this system, and we want to do all that we can to retain that value and help you enjoy your hard earned investment!