3 Tips to Prevent Home Foundation Damage from Drainage Issues

Despite spending a lot on your home investment, drainage issues can cause severe home foundation damage. At some point, it might cost an arm and leg to do repairs if left unchecked. But worst of all is that water on and under your property can invisibly damage your home foundation. That will then lead to more damage to the floors, walls, and plumbing system. This article offers you various tips on how to prevent common drainage issues.

3 Tips to Prevent Home Foundation Damage from Drainage Issues

Install Gutters and Downspouts

When rainwater isn’t controlled, it erodes the soil below to form low spot pools that allow water to stand and seep into the ground directly at the foundation.

That can trigger drainage issues by allowing water to penetrate the porous concrete; it freezes and widens existing cracks in a repeated cycle of soaking and drying. Sometimes the force might be too persistent, causing the concrete slab to break.

The first defense of protecting your foundation is catching rainwater in the gutters and directing it into downspouts. Ensure the gutters are clean and the downspouts direct the water away from your house foundation.

Check on Your Landscaping

You might have planted ornamental plants all around your house. But how far are they from the foundation? Ornamental plants and hedges can contribute to water penetrating the soil, widening existing cracks, or clogging drainage pipes. So, consider removing landscaping plants that are growing close to your house foundation.

Moisture in Your Basement

It is common to find moisture in your basement, but when it is in excess it indicates severe drainage issues. For that reason, some basements have a sump pump to deal with intermittent water.

However, more signs require professional attention to identify hidden drainage issues. They include mildew, stains, and masonry conditions like efflorescence (white or gray crust forming on the wall) and spalling (masonry flakes off in patches).

Get Professional Foundation Repair Services

Have you discovered a foundation weakness that needs specialist attention? Steady House Foundation Repair we are here to help you out. Our specialists will work on a slab, pier, and beam foundation to ensure a stable house foundation. Contact us to schedule a foundation repair service for you.