How Plumbing Problems Cause Slab Foundation Problems

Plumbing problems are an issue all their own, but if you put off calling the plumber to get them repaired, they cause different problems. If you let a plumbing leak persist, not only are you wasting water as well as money, but you are setting yourself up for foundation issues.

How Plumbing Problems Cause Slab Foundation Problems

While any type of foundation can experience issues from a leaky pipe left unchecked, slab foundations are a special case. Often a plumbing leak in a slab foundation is a major cause of problems because homeowners never knew that their pipe was leaking in the first place.

As slabs lack a crawlspace that provides immediate access to the pipes that run under the floors, you may never know there is a leak in your slab plumbing unless you notice a rise in your water usage. If this leak is left unrepaired, the extra water around your foundation from it causes shifting which leads to foundation damage.

If you have a slab leak that has caused a need for foundation repair, you may wonder which should be repaired first. In most cases, you will want to call a plumber out to repair the leak. However, if there has been significant shifting, then other parts of your in-slab plumbing may have been damaged as well. For example, extreme shifting can bend and break other portions of your pipe. If your plumber thinks this may be the case, you will want to get your foundation repaired before repairing the rest of your plumbing. The reason for this is simple. If you fix the plumbing then readjust your foundation, it could just damage it again.

This is a frustrating situation to be in, but a common one for those with slab foundations. If you have a slab foundation or any foundation that is manifesting issues, contact us today to see how Steady House Foundation Repair can help.