Roof Leak? It Could Be a Sign of a Foundation Problem

When you have foundation problems, you anticipate the problems to manifest symptoms in the foundation, floors, or even the walls if it is bad enough. However, when the foundation has issues it can affect everything from the slab to the roof top. This is why if you are having a roof problem, you may also want to consider looking into the foundation as well.

Roof Leak? It Could Be a Sign of a Foundation Problem

If you are having a roof leak, only to find no explainable cause, it could actually be a foundation issue. A sturdy roof can typically withstand a few inches of foundation shift, but eventually, it will start to curve and separate. This will allow rain to leak into your home and the moisture will cause further damage to the roof. The gaps will also allow animals to enter your home.

If your roofing company informs you that your roof has curved and separated, it is time to call a foundation company to see what is going on down below. You will want to fix the foundation issue before you fix a roofing issue. If you fix your roof first, the foundation may settle in a new way that could just cause the roof to separate again. You really do need a solid foundation in order to build a solid home. It is best to just temporarily patch a roof to prevent further leaking before permanently fixing it, at least until the foundation is repaired.

Are you having foundation problems in your home that are starting to affect your walls, door, windows, or even the roof? The longer you wait to have these foundation issues repaired, the more expensive they will be to fix and the more extensive the damage will become. If you need foundation repair, contact us today to see what Steady House Foundation Repair can do to help.

by Steady House Foundation Repair Blog