How To Use Downspout Extenders to Protect Your Foundation

When rainwater flows through your downspout, it’s essential to divert it away from your house. The water will saturate the ground near your home if you don’t divert the water. When the ground is saturated, the foundation is at risk. How do you resolve this?

How To Use Downspout Extenders to Protect Your Foundation

Downspout Extender

One of the low-cost and easiest ways to divert the water away from your house is to install downspout extenders. Here we will discuss two types of extenders. The rigid type extender and the accordion type extender.

The Rigid Type Downspout Extender

This type of extender is made of either aluminum or plastic. The plastic versions are usually made of vinyl.

Rigid extenders are mounted on the end of the downspout elbow and secured with screws.

Optionally, remove the elbow, mount the extender on the end of the downspout, and screw it in place. This type might come with a clip. Screw the clip to the downspout in the proper position. The extender can then fold up, and the clip holds it. This allows for easy mowing and raking. Just don’t forget to lower the extender when you have finished.

Accordion Type Downspout extender

Accordion extenders are made of plastic. This type usually comes with two different size connections, one on each end. After selecting the correct size connector, screw it to the downspout elbow. If you wish, cut off the unused connector.

One advantage of the accordion extender is that it is flexible. That way, you can route it around your plants or other items.

Protect Your Foundation

As mentioned above, by not diverting rainwater away from your house, the water can saturate and erode the soil. Over time the ground saturation can cause settling and cracking of your foundation. Repairing your foundation can be expensive.

Installing downspout extenders on all your house downspouts can save you from costly foundation repairs.

More Information

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