Can You Repair Foundation Cracks When It is Wet?

While the amount of times it is very wet in the Dallas-Forth Worth area are not exactly numerous, you just know as soon as you schedule a foundation repair, it is going to rain like never before. While more major repairs will need to wait until the weather dries up a bit, the repair of foundation cracks are another story.

Can You Repair Foundation Cracks When It is Wet?

If it is raining out, your foundation cracks can still be repaired, but only if the cracks themselves are pretty dry. If your cracks are not dry, your foundation repair company will need to reschedule. However, the small bit of good news is that they may have found a potential foundation problem before it even started.

If water is splashing up into foundation cracks when it is raining, this means you likely have drainage issues around your home that is causing shifting and cracking. If you rectify these issues, you may be able to stop potentially more expensive foundation issues down the line.

In some homes, water close to foundation can be as simple as cleaning out those overflowing gutters. In others, you may need drainage options like re-grading near your foundation or installing a French drain to deal with the excess water.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for foundation cracks to appear in order to know if you have drainage issues around your home. If you see pooling close to your foundation when it rains in any spot around it, then you will need to address a drainage issue. This means moisture is seeping down and it could be causing shifting and hydrostatic pressure.

If you have a foundation that is manifesting cracking or appears to have drainage issues, contact us today to see what Steady House Foundation Repair can do to help you get the issues fixed up fast.