How Does Water Get to the Foundation and What Does it Do?

The primary purpose of a house foundation is to hold the building up, act as a stabilizer against side movement, and bear the heavy load. It should be solid and well-designed to ensure durability and stand against the forces of nature, such as floods and strong winds. To the surprise of many, water is one of the culprits for damaged foundations. So how does water get to the foundation, and what impact does it have?

How Does Water Get to the Foundation and What Impact Does It Have?

Where is This Water Coming From?

There are multiple ways through which water gets to your home’s foundation and leads to slow damage of the foundation. Below is a list of some of the most probable channels.

  • Water flowing naturally from a nearby bedrock
  • Leaking water lines beneath your house
  • Blocked gutters that don’t effectively redirect the water away from the foundation
  • Poor water drainage systems around the house
  • Sloped landscaping that directs water to your home
  • Heavily watered flowerbed alongside the foundation
  • Flash floods that come after a prolonged drought
  • Nearby tree roots that pull in moisture

What Does Water do to the Foundation?

Constant Pressure

Excessive water that collects around your foundation during the rainy season will cause the soil to swell and push against it. During the dry season, the water evaporates, relieves that pressure, and causes the soil to shrink. This constant shift between the rainy and dry seasons causes structural damage to the foundation.


Rainwater can wash away soil surrounding your home and under the foundation causing it to settle or sink. This is common in areas that experience heavy rains or flash floods, such as Texas. Take caution and seek corrective measures from professionals when such signs are visible.

Water Infiltration

Even though walls are thick, water will finally find its way past them due to hydrostatic pressure. Over time, water will seep past pore cement, creating more cracks and into the house, leading to structural damage and health issues.

Signs of Damaged Foundation

  • Cracks and horizontal fissures
  • Musty Odor in the house
  • Mold on the walls
  • Discolored foundation
  • Bubbling Paint

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