Top 4 Tips to Maintain Your Foundation After Repairs

If you have recently repaired your old or damaged foundation, you are probably thinking of how avoid additional damages and unnecessary future routine repairs. Well, you can now stop worrying as these smart tips are meant to help you keep it is as safe as possible after you are through with carrying out the repairs.

Top 4 Tips to Maintain Your Foundation After Repairs

1. Install Your Gutters and Downspouts Correctly

Properly installed gutters play a huge role in preventing water damage by diverting rainwater or runoff away from the foundation. Ensure that your gutter is cleared of leaves, twigs, mud and other types of debris at all times in order to prevent clogs, especially during the rainy days.

2. Keep Your Plumbing in Check

Broken pipes, toilets or sinks that leak around or underneath your newly repaired foundation can cause more serious problems. To be on the safe side, it’s important that you have the issue fixed at the earliest possible time.

3. Invest in Good Drainage

Once you have seen to it that your gutters and downspouts are perfectly in place, you need to build a surface drainage system and/or French drain. These drains are meant to help you prevent pooling by transporting or leading water away from your home. Make sure that the drains slope away from your home for effective functionality.

4. Get Rid of Nearby Trees

Big trees and shrubs that grow near your house can cause extensive damage your foundation and water pipes with their large extending roots. Apart from causing cracks and breakages, these roots can also absorb lots of water that surround your foundation as they continue to expand, which can lead to soil instability.

The best way to ensure that your foundation is repaired and maintained the right way is by seeking the help of a professional repair company with highly qualified experts. Contact Steady House Foundation Repair today to schedule a free consultation or estimate.