How Long to Wait to Repair Your Home After a Foundation Problem?

If you are lucky, you will catch foundation problems early before they become more than a few cracks. As a foundation issue goes on, it can manifest a variety of problems from doors sticking to huge cracks in the drywall. In some cases, they can even be the cause of roofing problems. While repairing your foundation can normally fix issues like a sticking door, cracks in drywall and most other issues will need to be repaired separately.

How Long to Wait to Repair Your Home After a Foundation Problem?

While you obviously want to wait until the cause of the problem has been repaired – in this case the foundation – can you start repairing the other problems right away? In truth, it is best to wait at least six months before your do even minor repairs like replacing the drywall. Why? Well, the same reason as what caused the problem – your foundation will be settling. After foundation repair, your repaired foundation will settle again similar to how it settled after it was first installed. It will be minor and likely not to cause any new problems, but you will want to let it settle before fixing the old issues. It would be a shame to install new drywall in an area only to find it cracked again a few months later.

As for roof issues, while remodeling typically tells you to go “from the top down” in terms of replacement, you definitely want to get the foundation fixed before you fix the roof in this case. In the same vein as minor repairs like drywall, your roof will again be affected by settling. Setting up temporary fixes for a roof problem is advised before committing to something permanent.

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by Steady House Foundation Repair Blog