4 Dangers of a Hot Summer on Your Foundation

The foundation is an essential component of your property that needs to be in good condition to hold the home firm. However, things often change during summer. Your foundation becomes vulnerable, and this can lead to severe problems. Here are the effects of the hot weather on your foundation.

4 Dangers of a Hot Summer on Your Foundation

Cracked Concrete 
New concrete or slab in your foundation can easily experience water evaporation in the hot season. The water evaporates from the concrete, making it dry and cracked. The foundation becomes unstable, and the cracks can quickly let in water, causing more damage.

Soil Shrinkage 
The soil in your foundation will begin to dry as the weather becomes hotter. It will continue to shrink and move, leading to damage to your foundation. The soil will continue to shrink further and stop supporting the foundation. This leads to many other issues such as cracks, leaks, and sticky doors and windows that will be difficult to open or close.

Soil Erosion 
As the soil in your foundation continues to dry and crack, it will eventually attract soil erosion when the rains come. The water penetrates the cracks and spaces, draining off the loose and dry soil. This can weaken the foundation further and can even push the concrete further, causing more cracks.

Sinking Foundation
Hot weather can also cause your foundation to sink. As the temperatures rise, the foundation cracks further, and the slabs begin to sink. The foundation will continue to move until it gets soil to settle on. If this continues, the foundation and house will start to tilt in a weaker direction as they sink and fall.

Seek Professional Help 
A sinking and cracked foundation can be risky for your property and household. Call out a professional to deal with all your foundation issues before it is too late. This can save you time and money in the long run.