4 Common Signs Of Foundation Problems Due To Expansive Clay Soils

Genuinely speaking, when somebody is constructing a home or a residential property, the last thing they think of is the soil on the property. However, considering the type of soil you are building on is essential to your building’s foundation, future structure and stability. What exactly is expansive clay soil?

4 Common Signs Of Foundation Problems Due To Expansive Clay Soils

What Is Expansive Clay Soil?

It is a kind of soil with a high composition of adsorptive clay. Expansive soils swell when they are wet, increasing in volume by 10% or even more. Another bad thing about these soils is that when they are dry, they shrink.

These two characteristics, shrinkage and swelling, are threats to the stability of your building foundation because they can cause significant stress on the concrete foundation, thereby causing foundation movements and severe damage to your building. Below are the signs of foundation problems caused by expansive clay soil?

Foundation Upheaving

One of the severe problems associated with expansive clay soil is foundation heaving due to moisture. The soil expands and freezes as moisture collects in it, causing upward pressure on the foundation. The pressure causes the foundation to heave upward over time.

Foundation Settling or Sinking.

As stated earlier, expansive clay soil shrinks or swells depending on the amount of moisture in the soil. If the soil lacks moisture and contracts, there is a possibility that your foundation may sink. Any foundational movement is detrimental to the stability of your building and should be attended to immediately.

Foundation Cracks, Wall or Floor Cracks.

When expansive soils expand, they exert enormous pressure on the foundation, causing movements and shifts that cause the foundation to crack. If these shifts persist, they can extend these cracks to the walls and the floor.

Doors Can’t Close Properly.

It is known that doors can stick during seasons of high humidity. However, off-season sticking depicts that there could be foundation problems from expansive clay soil.

These signs can cause a lot of damage if they are ignored. Suppose you notice any foundation problem, don’t hesitate to call a professional to inspect and repair your property. Visit us at Steady House Foundation Repair