Is Your Foundation Sinking? How to Spot a Sinking Foundation

One type of foundation damage homeowners might face is a sinking foundation. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to spot. Here are some useful tips to answer your question: Is your foundation sinking?

Is Your Foundation Sinking? How to Spot a Sinking Foundation

What Causes a Sinking Foundation?

A foundation can start sinking if it was laid improperly by the contractor. It can also occur if it was laid on soil that is not stable. Soil will level and change over time, and it must be stable enough to uphold the foundation for an extended period of time.

How Can You Spot a Sinking Foundation? 5 Signs to Look For

Here are some warning signs that may indicate a sinking foundation:

  1. Uneven floor: This is a more extreme example, but if the foundation is sinking deep enough, your floor may become visibly uneven.
  2. Cracking walls: If the walls near your foundation are developing cracks, especially if these cracks are appearing long after the house was built and are continuously worsening, then they may be caused by the pressure put on the walls from a sinking and uneven foundation.
  3. Sagging walls: The walls may bend outward or inward.
  4. Stuck doors or windows: If your doors and windows get jammed, it might be because the floor is uneven, even if you can’t see it.
  5. Puddles: Puddles near the base of the foundation.

The Importance of Dealing With the Problem Quickly

Not dealing with a sinking foundation right away will cause many problems later on. The foundation will continue to sink and lead to structural damage to the entire home.

How to Deal With a Sinking Foundation

There are several methods of dealing with a sinking foundation. These methods, employed by professionals, are designed to strengthen the soil and provide additional support to the foundation.

If you suspect that your foundation may be sinking, call a professional to conduct an inspection right away. Contact us for more information.