Why Soil Erosion Around Your Foundation is a Problem

Have you noticed that a bit more of your foundation is showing around your home? Have you spotted puddling around you foundation or areas where water flows through paths in the soil? These are all signs of soil erosion and while it might not seem like a big problem now, it can become one when your foundation starts to suffer.

Why Soil Erosion Around Your Foundation is a Problem

You may not know it, but your foundation is supposed to be surrounded by a graded soil slope. It will be so slight you don’t even notice it, but it serves an integral purpose. The soil grade around your foundation is meant so that water flows down the slope and away from your foundation. When the soil erodes, it can cause that water to instead pool by the foundation and may invite potential problems.

Soil erosion typically happens when there is nothing to hold the soil firm. This is why landscaping around a home is not just a trend, but a necessity. Landscaping usually prevents erosion as well as helps to limit the amount of moisture left in the soil.

If you notice the soil around your foundation has eroded, you should consider regrading it and planting landscaping with good surface roots to hold the new graded soil in place. However, you will also want to monitor that area of your foundation to see if problems have already started due to the previous erosion. If enough moisture was sitting up against the foundation, it could cause shifting and new settling that may cause problems. If you notice any sinking or new cracks, it would be best to call a foundation company.

While foundation companies can’t help with regrading your soil, if you are having any foundation problems, contact us today. Steady House Foundation Repair can help get your home back on a steady foundation.