What Is the Impact of drought on My Foundation?

As a result of a drought, your yard will seem a lot different. Your grass may turn brown, and the outdoor plants will seem dry. However, what is going on beneath the ground? Please find out how droughts may damage the foundation of your house and what to do about it.

What Is the Impact of drought on My Foundation?

How Does Drought Affect the Soil?

When there is no rain for a lengthy period, the clay contracts because the water it contains, evaporates. Shifts in the earth may leave voids or gaps between your foundation and the surrounding soil. Your house’s weight is being dragged down into the newly formed holes by gravity, which might ultimately lead to the collapse of your foundation.

How Do Drought-Related Soil Changes Affect the Foundation of Your Home?

Your home’s foundation will be stretched and strained when the levels of support in the underlying soil decrease due to drought or even mild dryness.

Additionally, the soil beneath the foundation, sidewalks, and streets may contribute to the problem. Soil types and compaction levels may be present in the house site’s initial excavation and grading. Drought-induced foundation damage may be seen.

Signs of foundation deterioration caused by drought

The following are signs of foundation deterioration:

  • Windows and doors may be difficult to open and close, but this may not always indicate foundation deterioration. Contact a foundation repair expert if you see the same issue with several windows and doors.
  • Inconsistent floor surfaces
  • Disconnected ceilings and floors from the walls
  • Look for cracks in the floor that extend from one wall to the next. It is most likely that a drop on the floor caused just one or two tiles to crack.
  • Cracks in the wall
  • Wallpaper that has been torn may indicate that the wall underneath it has been damaged.
  • The walls are bowing down.
  • From the corners of windows and doors, diagonally upward cracks.
  • Brickwork cracks in the stairwell
  • Staggered chimneys and porches that are falling apart.

A tour of your house may also be helpful, checking for any gaps between the earth and your foundation.

How Do You Prevent Drought Damage to Your Property?

If you take preventative measures, your house’s foundation might save you hundreds of dollars in repair expenses.

Your home and investment may be better protected if you choose a well-thought-out structural solution. With Steady House Foundation Repair most trusted foundation repair experts, you can get a free examination to find out what’s wrong with your home and what repairs are needed.

The following measures may help you safeguard your foundation:

  • Structural wall repair and reconstruction
  • The foundation’s settling correction.
  • Retaining structures such as walls
  • Repairing drainage problems
  • Concrete grading.

A drought-stricken area near your house may need immediate action on your part. Eventually, the foundation will begin to crumble. Home values might drop by up to 30% if nothing is done.

For foundation concerns or foundation troubles in your building caused by the drought, contact Steady House Foundation Repair immediately. We can help you out.