Common Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Issues

Pier and beam foundation issues require immediate repairs to avoid further damage, primarily foundation movements and sagging. Besides, foundation problems have become an increasing trend, with professional foundation repairs ensuring the issue is addressed correctly. Although structures are different, pier and beam foundations accompany unique difficulties for homeowners.

That said, here are four common pier and beam foundation repair issues you should know.

Common Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Issues

Rotting Substructure

Typically, homes with beams include wooden substructures prone to rotting and damage caused by rodents, insects, and water. And with pier and beam foundations having crawl spaces underneath, they usually experience significant moisture buildup that accelerates rotting. Once you notice signs of rotting on your wooden foundation, it is crucial to call an expert to fix the problem right away and avoid costly repairs.

Improperly Spaced Piers

Whether concrete or steel foundation piers, it is important to ensure they are spaced appropriately. Piers require a spacing of about six inches to handle the structure’s weight, with adequate piers ensuring greater support and reduced foundation problems. If beams and piers are adequately positioned and used as required, your structure will be stable and experience limited issues. However, it is essential to seek prompt foundation repairs to prevent foundation issues like sagging if you have fewer or badly spaced beams and piers on your foundation.

Soil Movements

Pier and beam foundations became a popular choice for most homes and structures back in the 1960s, and have remained a common choice for many homeowners to date. Despite their popularity, steel and concrete foundation piers can shift over time, caused by water and soil conditions. This has shifted into a common issue for homeowners, caused mainly by soil movements.

Water Damage

Pier and beam foundations are usually not in contact with the ground. But due to water and moisture buildup underneath, it can cause deterioration. Having drain systems that direct water away from the foundation helps mitigate the issue. But once water gets into these piers and beams, it can damage your foundation, requiring repairs to fix the problem.

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