What Are the Dangers of a Hot Summer on Your Foundation in the DFW Area?

The foundation is a crucial part of any building whose condition determines the quality and safety of the house. It is, therefore, important to know what happens to this significant part of your house or office during a hot summer and what you are supposed to do to maintain and keep it in an uncompromised state.

The weather is quite enjoyable during summer. It is during this time when we like to go out and enjoy the warmth after spending time indoors in winter. However, the welcoming warmth of summer can be detrimental to the foundation of your house, office or commercial building.

Please read on to know more about how a hot summer affects your foundation.

What Are the Dangers of a Hot Summer on Your Foundation in the DFW Area?

  • Excessive Moisture Evaporation

The weather during the summer is hot and dry, meaning there is a high rate of water evaporation from concrete or slab, especially for new foundations. Excess evaporation causes concrete to crack, rendering it unstable. Water is also likely to infiltrate the cracks, damaging the foundation further.

  • Soil Erosion, Resulting in Foundation Settlement

There is often rain in summer due to the high levels of evaporation. When heavy rains fall on the loose and dry soil it washes it away, creating more or deeper cracks and voids in your slab or concrete. The foundation settles even more as it becomes more unstable. Conversely, heavy rains cause water to accumulate in the cracks. When this happens, the foundation undergoes eventual cracking and heaving.

  • Soil Shrinkage Causing Cracks

During warm and dry summers, the soil shrinks and causes damage to your pier, slab, concrete or beam foundation becomes imminent. Dry soil starts to spread or forming spaces and voids, leaving your foundation vulnerable or without support. It starts to sink or move the result of which are cracks on your walls, leaks and sticking windows and doors.

You can avoid these issues by watering your foundation and the adjacent soil using a soaker hose pipe to help keep them at a bearable moisture level. This will prevent damage to your foundation and save you money for repairing or replacing it altogether.

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