4 Telltale Signs That Your Pier and Beam Foundation Needs Repair

When it comes to the structural stability of your home, the foundation is the most important part. Crumbling walls and sloping flooring are all signs that your house’s pier and beam foundation needs repair.

A pier and beam foundation is generally often used in older homes not built on a concrete pad. A pier foundation is unlikely to need regular repairs, although this is not certain. When your property has any of the following four problems, it’s worth arranging a foundation evaluation to determine if a piercing is an option for your property.

4 Telltale Signs That Your Pier and Beam Foundation Needs Repair

1. Damage to the Framing of Windows or Doors

Is it difficult to keep your windows and doors locked? Although you can have a problem with gaps in the windows and doors, it might also indicate a problem with the foundation, such as sagging door or window frames. Too much weight on one side leaves the other unsupported.

In the absence of effective foundation support, the chasms will inevitably widen. Piers are usually required to distribute the weight evenly over all four corners of these displays.

2. Cracks in the Wall.

This is unsurprising, considering that most homeowners associate fissures with foundation problems. It is normal for concrete slabs or pier and beam foundations to have cracks caused by foundation settling. It’s worth having a free assessment if you notice any little cracks in your foundation. After all, if left alone, cracks may get rather wide very rapidly, necessitating prompt attention.

3. Uneven Floors

Sagging or uneven flooring is another telltale sign of a weak pier and beam foundation. You shouldn’t notice any abrupt slopes or hills if your flooring was previously flat. Walking across the room now seems like its on uneven ground? This is a clear indicator that you have major pier and beam foundation issues that must be addressed right away.

4. Doors That Stick When Opening or Closing

Your doors and windows may be the first to show signs of a foundation issue. Doors and windows that stick or are difficult to open, as well as gaps at the top and bottom, are all signs that your pier and beam foundation may be sinking and need to be addressed. Foundation piers may be used to fix foundation difficulties and re-align the house to its original position, allowing doors and windows to open and close properly.

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