Protect Your Foundation with French Drains

Homeowners who experience saturated yards or even flooded basement after a rainfall may be wondering how to achieve better drainage on their property. One of the best landscaping drainage options is a French drain. Named after Henry Flagg French, the French drain was originally created for use on farm lands. However, this type of drainage system is just as effective and easy to install on residential properties.


Protect Your Foundation with French Drains

How Does it Work?

French drains are essentially trenches that collect rainwater and direct it away from the home. Typically, a perforated pipe will be laid in the trench and covered with gravel. Water seeps through the gravel, into the pipe, and is channeled to a better location such as a nearby street or low spot in the yard. As a result, the building foundation is kept dry and protected from water damage.

When is a French Drain Necessary?

If rainwater seems to collect around the house, or there is no other landscaping drainage system present, then a French drain can be a vital tool for protecting the home’s foundation. When water is not drained away from a building, it can seep into the ground around the foundation and cause long-term damage or even leak into a basement and cause flooding. French drains are an economical way to avoid expensive long-term damage and repairs, by protecting the foundation from water damage. Additionally, they can be helpful in maintaining a healthy yard or garden by preventing plant roots from becoming waterlogged.

Is a French Drain Right for Me?

If you have experienced water pooling up around your home or even flooding after a heavy rain, then installing a French drain would be a fantastic investment to protect your foundation. Or, if you would simply like to create some proactive drainage in your landscaping to prevent future issues, then a French drain can also be an effective and attractive option. To learn more about installing a French drain on your property, contact us today at Steady House Foundation Repair.