Can You Just Leave Cracks on a Foundation?

You have cracks on your slab, but it has been determined that those cracks are innocent. Every slab will endure some cracking as it settles, but unexpected settling that causes foundation damage has noticeably different cracks. The cracks in your foundation have been determined to not be those serious types of cracks, but should you just leave them?

Can You Just Leave Cracks on a Foundation?

Even if the cracks in your foundation is not considered one of those problematic types of cracks, it is still a breach in your foundation. Even thin and innocent cracks in a foundation should be treated. When spotted, most foundation contractors should recommend filling any crack with an epoxy mixture just to protect it from getting worse.

The issue you need to worry about with any crack is the addition of moisture. Even though we don’t get too extreme of temperatures in the Dallas Fort-Worth area, moisture freezing inside of a foundation crack can cause it to widen. Furthermore, moisture getting stuck inside a foundation crack can cause mold to grow inside it as well, which can also cause widening.

While epoxy isn’t the only filler for foundation cracks, it is the most flexible. If the filler is too rigid, you could see it degrade after periods of freezing temperatures. This is why you generally want to have foundation cracks filled by a professional rather than just pick any filler you can find off a hardware shelf.

If your foundation has even minor cracks, they should be filled before they turn into major ones. If you aren’t sure if your foundation cracks are a problem or not, we can help with that. Contact us today to see what Steady House Foundation Repair can do to get your foundation cracks patched up and make sure they aren’t an actual problem with your foundation.