3 Easy Ways to Tell That Your Foundation Needs Repair Work

Your house is only as strong as its foundation as well as the footings below. However, your foundation is not immune to damage. Over the years, a range of issues such as changes in moisture content, poor soil, soil erosion, and freeze-thaw cycles can affect the structural integrity of your foundation. An unstable or compromised foundation puts your entire house at risk. That’s why being able to tell that your foundation has a problem is of vital importance. It will allow you to plan for the necessary repairs to avoid risky outcomes such as the house collapsing. Here are some of the major signs that your foundation needs repair work.

3 Easy Ways to Tell That Your Foundation Needs Repair Work

Visible Cracks

Cracks are some of the most common warning signs that your foundation needs repair. The platforms on which foundations are placed are known as footings. Over time, issues such as insufficient support may cause the footings to break. When this happens, you will have a settlement, which is simply a gradual sinking or slanting of part or whole of your foundation. The effects of this movement will be evident as cracks in both your interior and exterior walls. These cracks may also appear on your basement floor or concrete slab. However, keep in mind that concrete heaving and shrinkage may also be the cause for this and may not necessarily mean your foundation needs repair. Nevertheless, if the cracks are accompanied by those on your interior and exterior walls, be alarmed and act as soon as possible.

Uneven Floors

If you notice that a section of your floors seems uneven, use a level, tape measure, or even laser lines to confirm. If they are indeed uneven, chances are your foundation is the culprit. However, before you get too worried, understand that uneven floors can also be a result of sagging joists or beams. Nevertheless, whatever the cause is, it’s worth addressing the issue the soonest possible to avoid riskier outcomes and costlier repairs.

Doors and Windows Sticking Out

If your doors and windows aren’t opening and shutting correctly as usual and instead they are sticking out, your foundation may need attention. This may only happen to a part of your windows and doors. Therefore, before you dismiss the problem as poor installation, check the interior and exterior walls around those doors and windows for cracks. It will be confirmation that you probably have a settlement and that your foundation needs repair work.

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