Why You Should Hire A Professional When You Find Foundation Cracks

If you have recently noticed that you have foundation cracks in your home, then it is a good idea to contact a professional as soon as you can. There are professionals who are skilled and well-trained when it comes to dealing with your foundation, and they will do an excellent job for you. Here are three important reasons to hire a professional when you find foundation cracks.

Why You Should Hire A Professional When You Find Foundation Cracks

They Can Perform A Thorough Inspection

A lot of the time when you find foundation cracks, this is just the surface of the issue. A professional will be able to come to your home and find any and all issues that you may have with your foundation. Once they have found anything and everything that is wrong with your foundation, they will give you a detailed report and let you know what is best in terms of moving forward with repairs.

You Reduce The Risk To Your Family

Foundation cracks can compromise the overall structure of your home, which makes it unsafe for your family. The last thing that you want is for your family to remain in a home that isn’t safe. Hiring a professional ensures that any structural issues with your home are spotted and taken care of so that you and your family is as safe as possible.

Their Work Is Guaranteed

When you hire a professional to repair your foundation for you, their work is guaranteed. This means that if you continue to have any issues after they have repaired your foundation cracks, that they will come back out and fix them for you. This is a great comfort to you because you know that no matter what you are in good hands and your foundation will be taken care of.

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3 Tips to Prevent Home Foundation Damage from Drainage Issues

Despite spending a lot on your home investment, drainage issues can cause severe home foundation damage. At some point, it might cost an arm and leg to do repairs if left unchecked. But worst of all is that water on and under your property can invisibly damage your home foundation. That will then lead to more damage to the floors, walls, and plumbing system. This article offers you various tips on how to prevent common drainage issues.

3 Tips to Prevent Home Foundation Damage from Drainage Issues

Install Gutters and Downspouts

When rainwater isn’t controlled, it erodes the soil below to form low spot pools that allow water to stand and seep into the ground directly at the foundation.

That can trigger drainage issues by allowing water to penetrate the porous concrete; it freezes and widens existing cracks in a repeated cycle of soaking and drying. Sometimes the force might be too persistent, causing the concrete slab to break.

The first defense of protecting your foundation is catching rainwater in the gutters and directing it into downspouts. Ensure the gutters are clean and the downspouts direct the water away from your house foundation.

Check on Your Landscaping

You might have planted ornamental plants all around your house. But how far are they from the foundation? Ornamental plants and hedges can contribute to water penetrating the soil, widening existing cracks, or clogging drainage pipes. So, consider removing landscaping plants that are growing close to your house foundation.

Moisture in Your Basement

It is common to find moisture in your basement, but when it is in excess it indicates severe drainage issues. For that reason, some basements have a sump pump to deal with intermittent water.

However, more signs require professional attention to identify hidden drainage issues. They include mildew, stains, and masonry conditions like efflorescence (white or gray crust forming on the wall) and spalling (masonry flakes off in patches).

Get Professional Foundation Repair Services

Have you discovered a foundation weakness that needs specialist attention? Steady House Foundation Repair we are here to help you out. Our specialists will work on a slab, pier, and beam foundation to ensure a stable house foundation. Contact us to schedule a foundation repair service for you.

4 Common Signs Of Foundation Problems Due To Expansive Clay Soils

Genuinely speaking, when somebody is constructing a home or a residential property, the last thing they think of is the soil on the property. However, considering the type of soil you are building on is essential to your building’s foundation, future structure and stability. What exactly is expansive clay soil?

4 Common Signs Of Foundation Problems Due To Expansive Clay Soils

What Is Expansive Clay Soil?

It is a kind of soil with a high composition of adsorptive clay. Expansive soils swell when they are wet, increasing in volume by 10% or even more. Another bad thing about these soils is that when they are dry, they shrink.

These two characteristics, shrinkage and swelling, are threats to the stability of your building foundation because they can cause significant stress on the concrete foundation, thereby causing foundation movements and severe damage to your building. Below are the signs of foundation problems caused by expansive clay soil?

Foundation Upheaving

One of the severe problems associated with expansive clay soil is foundation heaving due to moisture. The soil expands and freezes as moisture collects in it, causing upward pressure on the foundation. The pressure causes the foundation to heave upward over time.

Foundation Settling or Sinking.

As stated earlier, expansive clay soil shrinks or swells depending on the amount of moisture in the soil. If the soil lacks moisture and contracts, there is a possibility that your foundation may sink. Any foundational movement is detrimental to the stability of your building and should be attended to immediately.

Foundation Cracks, Wall or Floor Cracks.

When expansive soils expand, they exert enormous pressure on the foundation, causing movements and shifts that cause the foundation to crack. If these shifts persist, they can extend these cracks to the walls and the floor.

Doors Can’t Close Properly.

It is known that doors can stick during seasons of high humidity. However, off-season sticking depicts that there could be foundation problems from expansive clay soil.

These signs can cause a lot of damage if they are ignored. Suppose you notice any foundation problem, don’t hesitate to call a professional to inspect and repair your property. Visit us at Steady House Foundation Repair

Why It Is So Important To Contact A Professional For Drainage Issues

When it comes to your foundation, drainage issues can be a big problem. They can cause damage to your foundation that could otherwise be avoided, and they need to be taken care of right away. Thankfully, you have the option of calling a professional to come and fix this issue for you. They are there to help and will do an excellent job repairing the problem. Here are three reasons why it is so important to contact a professional for drainage issues.

Why It Is So Important To Contact A Professional For Drainage Issues

Save Money On Repairs

One awesome reason to hire a professional for your drainage issues is because you will end up saving so much money on repairs. The sooner you contact a professional for your drainage issues, the less money you will have to pay in repairs. However, if you wait, then your foundation will become much more damaged by the water.

Fix The Issue Correctly

Another important reason to contact a professional for drainage issues is because they will fix the problem correctly the first time around. They will install a drainage system around your home that ensures water does not pool around your foundation, and they will also perform any necessary changes to your driveway and/or sidewalk slopes.

They Can Answer All Your Questions

Even if you aren’t sure if you have a drainage issue, but you fear you might in the future, it is a great idea to contact a professional. They will be able to answer any and all questions that you have about drainage and can proactively help you to ensure that you don’t end up with any drainage issues in the future.

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3 Benefits Of Hiring A Foundation Contractor For Your Foundation Repair

If you think that you are experiencing foundation issues, this is a very serious problem. Since this problem is so serious, it is very important to hire a foundation contractor to help you out. Here are three great benefits of hiring a foundation contractor for your foundation repairs.

3 Benefits Of Hiring A Foundation Contractor For Your Foundation Repair

Peace Of Mind 

One great benefit of hiring a foundation contractor for your foundation repair is the peace of mind that it gives you. Having an issue with your foundation is very worrisome and doing nothing about it is only going to make it worse. In contrast, hiring a contractor to fix your foundation will allow you to find out exactly what is wrong and get it fixed as soon as possible. This will give you the peace you need and let you know your home is structurally sound.

Save Money

When you hire a contractor for your foundation repair, you are actually going to save yourself money for multiple reasons. For one thing, you are taking care of the issue right away, so you don’t have to worry about the foundation getting worse and becoming more costly to repair. Also, by not trying to fix it yourself, you don’t waste time and money trying to figure out a complex issue that is likely past your ability to fix on your own.

Thorough Training And Experience

Lastly, when you hire a foundation contractor, you know that they have been fully trained and have had a great deal of experience working on foundations. This allows them to successfully diagnose what is wrong with your foundation and then fix it. Also, because they are fully licensed, their work will be guaranteed.

To learn more benefits of hiring a foundation contractor for your foundation repair, or to hire a contractor today, visit us at Steady House Foundation Repair.

3 Easy Ways to Tell That Your Foundation Needs Repair Work

Your house is only as strong as its foundation as well as the footings below. However, your foundation is not immune to damage. Over the years, a range of issues such as changes in moisture content, poor soil, soil erosion, and freeze-thaw cycles can affect the structural integrity of your foundation. An unstable or compromised foundation puts your entire house at risk. That’s why being able to tell that your foundation has a problem is of vital importance. It will allow you to plan for the necessary repairs to avoid risky outcomes such as the house collapsing. Here are some of the major signs that your foundation needs repair work.

3 Easy Ways to Tell That Your Foundation Needs Repair Work

Visible Cracks

Cracks are some of the most common warning signs that your foundation needs repair. The platforms on which foundations are placed are known as footings. Over time, issues such as insufficient support may cause the footings to break. When this happens, you will have a settlement, which is simply a gradual sinking or slanting of part or whole of your foundation. The effects of this movement will be evident as cracks in both your interior and exterior walls. These cracks may also appear on your basement floor or concrete slab. However, keep in mind that concrete heaving and shrinkage may also be the cause for this and may not necessarily mean your foundation needs repair. Nevertheless, if the cracks are accompanied by those on your interior and exterior walls, be alarmed and act as soon as possible.

Uneven Floors

If you notice that a section of your floors seems uneven, use a level, tape measure, or even laser lines to confirm. If they are indeed uneven, chances are your foundation is the culprit. However, before you get too worried, understand that uneven floors can also be a result of sagging joists or beams. Nevertheless, whatever the cause is, it’s worth addressing the issue the soonest possible to avoid riskier outcomes and costlier repairs.

Doors and Windows Sticking Out

If your doors and windows aren’t opening and shutting correctly as usual and instead they are sticking out, your foundation may need attention. This may only happen to a part of your windows and doors. Therefore, before you dismiss the problem as poor installation, check the interior and exterior walls around those doors and windows for cracks. It will be confirmation that you probably have a settlement and that your foundation needs repair work.

If you need a foundation inspection, call us today!

3 Reasons To Hire A Professional For Foundation Leveling

If you are having issues with the foundation of your home, it is an excellent idea to contact a professional for the help that you need. To solve this issue, you will likely need foundation leveling. This is a complex process that must be executed correctly, which is something a professional can do. Here are three great reasons to hire a professional for foundation leveling.

3 Reasons To Hire A Professional For Foundation Leveling

They Provide A Free Quote

One awesome reason to hire a professional for foundation leveling is because they will first give you a free quote. This process involves them coming to your home and doing a full inspection of your foundation. This allows them to find out exactly what is wrong with your foundation, so they can give you an accurate quote on how much it costs to fix it. They will give you a detailed breakdown of the cost as well, so you understand everything very clearly. This lets you know right up front if you can afford their services.

They’re Experts 

When you hire a professional to perform your foundation leveling, you know that they will do a great job because they are experts. They have spent a great deal of time fixing a variety of foundation issues, and they know exactly what to do to permanently solve your foundation issues. This helps you to trust them completely.

They Guarantee Results

Hiring a professional to level your foundation ensures that you get the results that you want. They not only go above and beyond to fix your foundation problems, but all of their work is guaranteed. Any issues that may arise will be taken care of, even if it is a while down the road.

To learn more reasons to hire a professional for foundation leveling, or to hire a professional today, visit us at Steady House Foundation Repair.

Common Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Issues

Pier and beam foundation issues require immediate repairs to avoid further damage, primarily foundation movements and sagging. Besides, foundation problems have become an increasing trend, with professional foundation repairs ensuring the issue is addressed correctly. Although structures are different, pier and beam foundations accompany unique difficulties for homeowners.

That said, here are four common pier and beam foundation repair issues you should know.

Common Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Issues

Rotting Substructure

Typically, homes with beams include wooden substructures prone to rotting and damage caused by rodents, insects, and water. And with pier and beam foundations having crawl spaces underneath, they usually experience significant moisture buildup that accelerates rotting. Once you notice signs of rotting on your wooden foundation, it is crucial to call an expert to fix the problem right away and avoid costly repairs.

Improperly Spaced Piers

Whether concrete or steel foundation piers, it is important to ensure they are spaced appropriately. Piers require a spacing of about six inches to handle the structure’s weight, with adequate piers ensuring greater support and reduced foundation problems. If beams and piers are adequately positioned and used as required, your structure will be stable and experience limited issues. However, it is essential to seek prompt foundation repairs to prevent foundation issues like sagging if you have fewer or badly spaced beams and piers on your foundation.

Soil Movements

Pier and beam foundations became a popular choice for most homes and structures back in the 1960s, and have remained a common choice for many homeowners to date. Despite their popularity, steel and concrete foundation piers can shift over time, caused by water and soil conditions. This has shifted into a common issue for homeowners, caused mainly by soil movements.

Water Damage

Pier and beam foundations are usually not in contact with the ground. But due to water and moisture buildup underneath, it can cause deterioration. Having drain systems that direct water away from the foundation helps mitigate the issue. But once water gets into these piers and beams, it can damage your foundation, requiring repairs to fix the problem.

If you have a pier or beam foundation problem, we here at Steady House Foundation Repair can help you. Contact us to learn more or speak to our experts today!

What Are the Dangers of a Hot Summer on Your Foundation in the DFW Area?

The foundation is a crucial part of any building whose condition determines the quality and safety of the house. It is, therefore, important to know what happens to this significant part of your house or office during a hot summer and what you are supposed to do to maintain and keep it in an uncompromised state.

The weather is quite enjoyable during summer. It is during this time when we like to go out and enjoy the warmth after spending time indoors in winter. However, the welcoming warmth of summer can be detrimental to the foundation of your house, office or commercial building.

Please read on to know more about how a hot summer affects your foundation.

What Are the Dangers of a Hot Summer on Your Foundation in the DFW Area?

  • Excessive Moisture Evaporation

The weather during the summer is hot and dry, meaning there is a high rate of water evaporation from concrete or slab, especially for new foundations. Excess evaporation causes concrete to crack, rendering it unstable. Water is also likely to infiltrate the cracks, damaging the foundation further.

  • Soil Erosion, Resulting in Foundation Settlement

There is often rain in summer due to the high levels of evaporation. When heavy rains fall on the loose and dry soil it washes it away, creating more or deeper cracks and voids in your slab or concrete. The foundation settles even more as it becomes more unstable. Conversely, heavy rains cause water to accumulate in the cracks. When this happens, the foundation undergoes eventual cracking and heaving.

  • Soil Shrinkage Causing Cracks

During warm and dry summers, the soil shrinks and causes damage to your pier, slab, concrete or beam foundation becomes imminent. Dry soil starts to spread or forming spaces and voids, leaving your foundation vulnerable or without support. It starts to sink or move the result of which are cracks on your walls, leaks and sticking windows and doors.

You can avoid these issues by watering your foundation and the adjacent soil using a soaker hose pipe to help keep them at a bearable moisture level. This will prevent damage to your foundation and save you money for repairing or replacing it altogether.

We Are Glad To Help

The summer, despite its welcoming warmth, can be dangerous to your foundation, yet you might know what to do. Don’t worry. Steady House Foundation Repair is here for all your foundation services, including inspection and repair in the DFW area. Please contact us today for a free consultation or to enjoy our services.

3 Signs Your House Has a Structural Problem

Sometimes, minor problems in your home are an indicator that you are dealing with structural issues. Keeping a close watch for any potential signs of trouble is essential in staying proactive and taking care of these problems before they become more serious overtime. Reaching out to a local contractor is a good idea to further inspect your home to determine the best action and avoid further damage.

Here are a few of the most common types of structural problems within a home.

3 Signs Your House Has a Structural Problem

A Door That No Longer Closes

A door that doesn’t close or sticks isn’t only frustrating, but it’s also a sign that the structure of your home has shifted. The shifting can occur due to saturated clay soil expanding and putting additional pressure on your foundation, or it may happen due to normal settling. Getting a contractor to inspect your home and pinpoint the exact problem is critical in taking care of this problem before it gets worse.

Peeling or Blistering Paint

Another sign of structural damage is if you notice your paint beginning to peel or blister. While it’s possible these problems are the result of a poor paint job, it can also be a sign of water damage. Always investigating the area of the damaged paint is essential to avoid additional problems. You will need to contact a plumber if you notice any signs of moisture.

Sloping Floor

A level floor that eventually develops a slant isn’t always easy to identify unless there’s a noticeable difference. Sometimes a floor can begin to slope due to a broken or rotted joist. You may need to replace the structural members supporting your floor to fix this problem. A structural engineer can find the source of the problem and advise you on the best way to repair this problem.