When Insurance Helps with Foundation Cracks and Issues

When you spot foundation cracks, one of the first questions is whether homeowners insurance covers the damage if the cracks signify something beyond a cosmetic issue. As a general rule, people take out homeowner’s insurance to protect against natural disasters. Most if not all mortgage companies require borrowers to have a homeowner’s insurance policy in place as part of the loan processing. When it comes to foundation repair, your insurance may or may not cover it. Homeowners are expected to maintain their properties whether they own a new home or a home with an aging foundation.

When Insurance Helps with Foundation Cracks and Issues

Understanding normal factors

In some cases, people spot foundation cracks that are part of the home settling over time. In other cases, drought or various climate changes cause shifting. A professional puts your mind at ease by determining whether your home needs actual foundation repair.

Reviewing your policy

Review your homeowner’s insurance policy to find out whether the company covers foundation cracks resulting from fires, explosions, natural disasters and plumbing backups. Most policies cover reconstruction after such problems. If not, make changes to your policy for maximum protection. People with flood and earthquake insurance rely on the coverage for such catastrophic issues.

Keeping up with maintenance

Because insurance doesn’t cover normal wear and tear of an aging home, it is important to keep an eye on your home. Don’t make the mistake of simply painting over foundation cracks because the cracks signify possible damage due to improper drainage, tree roots or improper ground preparation prior to construction.

The good news is that a foundation repair expert takes measures that mitigate foundation damage before the problem gets out of hand. Remember, too, that when you change homeowner insurance companies they often come out and inspect the home. Your insurance rates could go up if an inspector sees foundation cracks or other signs of foundation problem. Before switching property insurance providers, it’s always good to enlist the help of a foundation repair service.

At Steady House Foundation Repair, we are proud to be your one-stop shop for foundation and concrete needs because your home’s value and security rests on its foundation. We are a specialty foundation repair service based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. For more information or to have one of our experts diagnose foundation damage, please contact us today.

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Does Flooding Damage Slab Foundations?

Flooding is a concern no matter what type of foundation you have under your home. However, as the simplest and sturdiest foundation type, slab foundations are mostly unaffected by flood waters. It is likely that you will find yourself more concerned with the damage that the flooding has caused to the structure on top of your slab foundation instead. However, after you have cleaned up, this is actually when you should be checking out your slab foundation for problems.

Does Flooding Damage Slab Foundations?

Flood-Caused Erosion

The major concern you should have about flooding when you have a slab foundation is any erosion that has occurred. If the grade that forces water to drain away from your foundation has eroded away, this will cause drainage issues and eventually foundation problems.

However, a lesser known erosion issue is undercutting. During a flood, the soil is saturated and easily malleable. As such, when the water recedes or is affected by a current, the soil under your slab can be eroded away. This can cause extreme settling, and often does so unexpectedly because you might not notice undercutting right away.

If your slab is not sitting on a stable surface, it can cause settling that can actually crack the slab. This is why if you have had flooding you will want to wait a month or two in order to let the soil fully dry out, then have a foundation inspection conducted. This can check for undercutting and make sure your grade is intact enough. If nothing else, you will want to monitor your slab foundation in the following months to make sure new cracks do not appear on it.

Do you have foundation issues from flooding or any of the other various causes? We can help. Contact us today to see what Steady House Foundation Repair can do to help.

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