Month: June 2019

5 Questions To Ask Your Potential Foundation Repair Contractor

Foundation repair is something that is always best left in the hands of a professional, but choosing the right foundation repair contractor isn’t easy either. As this can be a very serious repair, you want to pick the best contractor for the job so that it gets done efficiently and correctly. If you are starting the search for a foundation repair contractor, here are five questions that you should be asking.

5 Questions To Ask Your Potential Foundation Repair Contractor

Do I Need Foundation Repair?

Not every crack in your foundation means serious repair is needed. Unfortunately, some more shady contractors may be happy to tell you quite the opposite in order to take your money. It is often wise to get a second opinion on foundation repairs. Getting a foundation inspection is also crucial if you suspect damage and they will usually tell you if repair is truly necessary.

How Many Repairs Have They Completed?

It is always best to choose a well-documented foundation repair contractor. Not every contractor will have testimonials, but they should have photos of their previous projects. When choosing any contractor, experience is important and as a customer you should be able to see that.

Are They a “Foundation Repair” Contractor?

You should always check the licenses of a contractor, as they are legally required to have them. Yet, there are contractors that don’t specifically call themselves “foundation repair” contractors in order to get around this licensing and insurance issue. You want a contractor that specifically handles foundation issues to fix your foundation issue.

What Caused This Issue? Can It Be Fixed?

You need to fix your foundation, but you will also want the issue that caused it to be fixed as well. For example, if poor drainage caused erosion, you will want to fix the drainage issue and most foundation contractors will be able to help with that. If they can’t identify the issue causing foundation damage to your home, it may be wise to pass on their help.

The How’s of It All?

How much will it cost? How long will it take? How will you fix it? These are all common questions and you want to make sure your contractor of choice answers them all very clearly. Foundation issues can be expensive and time-intensive to fix, so you may not always love the answers to these questions, but they should be laid out clearly for you.

Need Help?

If you have foundation issues and are in the market for a foundation repair contractor in the DFW area, contact us today. Steady House Foundation Repair can confidently answer all these questions and any more you may have to give you confidence in our repairs.

Innocent Home Problems That Really Mean Foundation Issues

No one want their home to manifest foundation issues. They are the homeowner horror stories that everyone hopes to avoid. However, while you may check your exterior for major cracks, signs you have a foundation problem do not always come from the visible foundation. Sometimes your home can be trying to tell you of foundation issues in more innocent ways you might not expect.

Innocent Home Problems That Really Mean Foundation Issues

Stuck Doors and Windows

If doors and windows no longer close smoothly – or at all – foundation issues probably won’t be your first suspect. You are more likely to think the wood around the frame is swollen or warped rather than your house is manifesting foundation issues. However, any time these entryways stop working as intended, you should be suspicious of the foundation.

Uneven Flooring

Despite being on the floor, if a few tiles come up or you get a raised area in your hardwood, you might not always look to the foundation, but you should. Raised flooring doesn’t happen for no reason, and while it could be an issue with the floor itself, it is important to make sure it is not a problem with the foundation affecting the floor and the flooring.

Drywall Cracks

If your foundation issues have progressed enough that you are manifesting drywall cracks, then you have a really serious problem, especially if a very large crack has manifested. Drywall is somewhat flexible and can endure very small changes, but if it is cracking, then a major issue in the foundation is affecting it.

Need Help?

If your home is manifesting any of these seemingly innocent problems, you should look to the foundation first. If foundation problems are caught early, repair may be able to stop the issue from getting much worse and vastly more expensive to fix. If your home is having potential foundation issues in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, contact us at Steady House Foundation Repair today to schedule an inspection and get any issues repaired quickly.